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Hoisting is an important part of many moves. Some pieces of furniture or other belongings are too big or irregular shaped to bring up flights of stairs, especially for people moving into a second or third story apartment. Think about the impossibility of carrying a piano, a sectional, or a special display case up numerous flights of stairs. You would be dodging railings around every corner and probably incessantly telling your moving partner that they needed to pivot. 

The solution to this problem is hoisting. Using a pulley system consisting of a wheel, an axel, and of course, rope can drastically affect the difficulty of moving some pieces. Whether you need to bring them in through a second or third story window, or just over the balcony, this moving technique can make the impossible possible as long as you’re working with moving experts.

In some cases, like those where a piece weighs over 250lbs, it may be time to consider using a crane. Regardless of how heavy or how high your personal things need to be transported, The Moving & Storage Pros are the experts. We’re happy to offer our hoisting services to our customers all over the Los Angeles area. We’ll get your belongings vertical without unnecessary heavy-lifting.

Hoisting in Southern California

Hoisting during your move into a southern California home, townhome or apartment can be life or death in the success of your move. 

Imagine this: You’ve spent the past few months packing all of your things, loading the moving truck, and prepared yourself to traverse the chaos of Los Angeles roads. Through all of the obstacles this move has thrown at you, you’ve managed to navigate traffic on the interstate and arrive at your new home. LA is a busy city, but you’ve found a place that’s perfect for you. Suddenly it hits you that somethings have to get up the stairs. But looking at the layout of your new home, you don’t see how it’s possible and begin to wonder what you’re going to do.

This can be a daunting task especially if you have large pieces of furniture that need to go up flights of stairs. And we hate to see people attempt the impossible and try and maneuver their things upward, tirelessly pivoting and repositioning after their long drive just to see their possessions fall victim to gravity. So we offer customers moving with The Moving & Storage Pros our expertise in the art of hoisting. Bringing your prized possessions up using a pulley saves everyone from the back-breaking work of lifting and carrying heavy furniture. And if it’s too big we’ll find a crane.

Furniture That Benefits From Hoisting

Some things are just too big to carry. If you try to carry them and fail, things are going to fall and break. When they do, chances are, it’s probably going to be heartbreaking. Large furniture is rarely cheap so when it breaks, not only is it going to hurt your heart but probably your pocket as well. Some examples of furniture that usually require creative moving strategies usually include:

  • Pianos and other large instruments
  • Sectional couches, sofas, beds
  • Entertainment centers, display cases
  • Bookshelves, dressers
  • Dining room tables, coffee tables
  • Granite countertops
  • Appliances, refrigerators

These things are heavy, awkward to carry treasures for many families who would be distraught without them. And based on their size, most of them can’t conceivably be lugged up two or three flights of stairs. Our strategy is to hoist them. Pieces like these need to be brought in on the level they’re intended for carefully, and safely by experts who have experience moving things this way. Crane or pulley, we’ll safely and effectively move your cherished belongings into your new home.

Why Hoist?

Hoisting makes moving easier. You cut out hours of hard labor and substitute it with a carefully planned strategy. Plus, you don’t break your stuff. How can you argue with that logic? Carrying heavy thing after heavy thing up the stairs is going to wear you out after a while. And when you’re tired, that’s when things get dropped. Down, down the stairs, they go until they crash land on the landing or the lobby. We don’t want that for you. Even if you can convince yourself it’s possible, which some people like to believe, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Don’t ruin what could be an exciting, memorable day by accidentally destroying the precious possessions you worked so hard to get all this way. Call The Moving & Storage Pros and we’ll hoist it up and keep accidents like devastating breaks from ruining your exciting move.

Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Hoisting is serious business. We would never recommend endangering yourself by attempting to pull together a few tools just to hurt yourself or damage your cargo. With the help of an expert, however, hoisting can take your move from stressful to successful. No more worrying about how you’re going to get “that” all the way up there, we know moving. We’ve helped successfully move thousands of Angelenos all over the state of California and we want to help you too.

Moving & Storage Pros In California

Moving is supposed to be exciting, especially in the beautiful state of California. It’s new beginnings and a chance at a fresh start. After a long few months of preparation, don’t spoil it by making a few last-minute ill-informed decisions. When it comes to moving the seemingly unmovable, trust The Moving & Storage Pros to hoist you to victory. Move like a pro and hire The Moving & Storage Pros.

We’ve got all of your moving and storage needs covered here at The Moving & Storage Pros. Call us today at 213-267-5585 to start planning your statewide move or visit our contact page here. We offer quotes and are ready for any moving questions you may have!

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