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Office Moving

Your business is growing, and you’re in the market for a new office! You have researched the perfect area in Southern California for your new office roots. It’s time to plan how you and your team are going to move everything from one office to another. The key to a secure and hassle-free office relocation is planning. Like the old saying those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Make sure your office move goes smoothly with a well thought out plan of packing, loading, moving, storing, unload, and set up. 

Preparing Your Office for Moving

Preparing your office for the big move can be vital to your company’s bottom line. The more ‘out time,’ the more time customers have to experience issues and turn into unhappy customers. 

Make sure your team is ready to roll! If your team can work from home during the time you will be without an office; you should make sure they do. Provide your team with laptops, collaborative software, and exceptional communication during your time spent out of the office. 

If your business can only operate out of a location due to producing tangible goods, then it is best to have a plan that will get you out of your old office and into a new one within a weekend. Any lost time and result in lost revenue when it comes to moving your office. 

A professional team of office movers can help you with a moving day plan, including how to take care of precious office items, expensive and heavy equipment, and essential filing cabinets full of documents. Hiring an office moving team can ensure you have all the packing materials and supplies you need for the team’s office transition.

Common Looked Over Office Moving Mistakes

There are a few ‘common mistakes’ that business owners make when moving their office to a new location. Here they are so you can avoid them. 

  • Have a budget. It’s easy to forget to budget in things like tape, bubble wrap, sharpies (for labeling), and other miscellaneous packing items. Make sure your moving budget includes everything from packing supplies and materials to moving truck insurance. If you’ve decided to use a moving service for your office transfer, make sure to ask about any extra costs. More than often, you’ll find that a moving service will keep you in your defined budget. 
  • Not implementing a timeline. The moving process needs to have a clear plan of when employees will have their last day when the office will be packed up when the truck will be loaded and uploaded, and when everything will be set up. Equipment and all. Hiring an office moving team can ensure you of a timeline and will stick to that timeline. Customer service is king in the moving industry!
  • Not insuring your expensive office equipment. People are human, and mistakes can happen. Especially if you have decided to leave moving your expensive moving equipment to your inexperienced employees. If you are not hiring professionals to run your essential office equipment move, you might want to make sure that you insure them!

Packing and Storage

The preparation up of office supplies is crucial to a stress-free office transition. Packing sets the tone for the whole office move. When you use office moving services, the professional moving team brings their own packing materials. It has different packing procedures for equipment like office printers, telephones, cubicles, desks, filing cabinets, paper documents, chairs, and more. No one realizes how much work goes into moving until you are about two hours into it. The trained professionals at Moving and Storage Pros are equipped with the equipment and experience they need to move your office with limited breakage of expensive and office equipment.

Moving Services

The Moving & Storage Pros of Southern California can make sure your business moves quickly, safely, and correctly. Hiring the right team of people to take care of your office move is vital to your company. Moving into a new office is exciting and worth celebrating; after all, your company is growing, and you’re getting more space! Make sure you’re moving day is stress-free and effortless for you and your employees. 

The Moving & Storage Pros professional moving team can provide pick and choose services or a full office moving package. Here are a few services we offer 

  • Packing: Documents, Cubicals, Telephone Systems, Computers, Conference Tables, and more. All of these have their way of being packed to minimize damage and loss. 
  • Moving (Loading & Unloading): Carefully securing all your office equipment and furniture in the back of our trusted moving vans. All boxes, equipment, and furniture are loaded and unloaded carefully to minimize damage to your property. 
  • Storage: Our storage services offer security for your equipment that you aren’t quite ready to move. 
  • Unpacking: Our team can unpack your office good exactly where they need to be placed to minimize confusion and get your employees working again. 

The Moving & Storage Pros Promise

At The Moving & Storage Pros, we offer top notice service. Our customer satisfaction is our most important priority. We treat your office move as if it were our own. Our skilled office moving professionals are taught how to best pack, label, move, and unpack, to minimize loss and damage to your property. We promise to make your moving day stress-free.

Contact Us

If you are ready to hire The Moving & Storage Pros then why not give us a call at 213-267-5585 or contact us online. We can work out a time, date, and see how much service you are in need of. You can trust that we will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and cleanly. 

Contact Moving & Storage Pros to handle your office move today.

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