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At Moving & Storage Pros of Southern California, we don’t only move your belongings: we also offer packing services. Packing is everything when it comes to a stress-free and successful move. However, it can also be the longest part of the moving process. From knick-knacks to dining room sets, it’s all tough to pack. Having a lot of items to move is why we recommend packing services along with your moving day plan. 

No matter where you are in the packing process, we can help you out. Our trained packing professionals know how to wrap up and pack precious artwork, delicate china, or disassemble your couch for a more accessible and less damage-prone move. We also offer packing services for office moves. Our team is trained to handle packing essential documents, large filing cabinets, massive printer and copier combo machines, cubicle separators, desks, and even all those small office supplies. We can help your business move within your budget with our office packing services.

How to Pack Effectively

Declutter. Packing can be one of the quickest ways to realize that you have too much stuff. Whether you have one too many pairs of shoes or too many action figures, getting rid of some things will help you save time, space, and money. Many thrift shops or shelters will gladly accept donations of used clothing items or toys to help people in need, giving you peace of mind about giving up items as well as helping those in need. They will sometimes even offer to pick up your donations, giving you more time to focus on packing.

Invest in quality moving boxes. While it might be tempting to try to score free boxes from the grocery store or recycling center, there is nothing more frustrating than having a box break in the middle of a move, throwing your stuff all over the ground or in the truck. Investing in quality moving boxes will save you the time and stress of worrying about your possessions while packing and moving. Moving boxes are relatively inexpensive, and can be purchased from many shipping retailers, giving you a variety of options.

Leave your clothes on hangers or in drawers.  One of the most space-consuming items to pack is clothing. Clothing items can quickly take up much of the valuable space in your moving boxes, leaving little room for more important items. One way to keep your clothes out of the way is to leave them on their hangers. Make a small hole at the bottom of a garbage bag, and place the bag upside-down over your clothes, feeding the hangers through the hole. Tie the bottom of the bag and load them up! Another way to save time and space is to leave your clothes in their drawers. This way, you don’t have to unfold and refold every article of clothing, saving you time and effort. Secure the drawers by wrapping them in plastic wrap or using masking tape to hold them closed. Trusting a professional moving company like The Moving & Storage Pros to help lift heavy objects like a packed dresser is the safest and quickest way to help you pack fast!

Pack your suitcases and hampers. Another way to avoid using up all of your box space is to repurpose other household items like empty suitcases, hampers, pots, etc. Suitcases and hampers can be used to hold larger objects, while pots can be the perfect space to hold small items like spices, gadgets, and other small knick-knacks. This will save you a ton of space.

Bundle Breakables. No one wants to unpack a box only to find their favorite mug has been smashed during the move. It is very important to bundle breakables with enough cushion to keep them safe while in transit. Use traditional cushioning like bubble wrap, crumpled paper, or corrugated cardboard, or other soft items like socks, scarves, or linens to wrap up any fragile items. Keep your possessions safe by labeling these boxes as fragile and stacking them on top of less-fragile items.

Label boxes. While you are packing up each room, label your boxes. Cardboard is easy to write on with almost any pen, so grab a marker and write the room you’re packing up on the top of the box. You can also list the categories of items inside the box so you know exactly where everything is. This will make unpacking at your new location so much easier and save you a ton of time and stress.

Packing Supplies For Your Southern California Move

Underestimating packing supplies is almost a right of passage as a first-time mover, but it doesn’t have to be. All too often, we have heard stories about how our clients are rushing to pack their belongings. And the night before their move, they run out of tape, bubble wrap, or boxes. Running out of packing supplies leads to late-night trips to the nearest 24-hour supermarket, leading to a much later night than planned.
The Moving & Storage Pros’ packing services team comes ready with everything you’ll need to pack up all your belongings for optimum safety and organization. We provide moving boxes of all sizes, bubble wrap, and tape. With the help of our expert team of packers, you’ll be packed up in no time at all—no extra trips to that 24-hour supermarket for you.
We have boxes that separate glassware and plates. This type of box will make sure your fragile dishes are as safe as possible during the moving process. Our team is trained to organize and label boxes that make the most sense for your unpacking needs. If you have a collection of action figures or invaluable art pieces, our team will wrap and pack them as if they were their own irreplaceable items.

Other Packing Hacks
Packing is tough, but The Moving & Storage Pros are happy to help. Let us help you save time and effort and pack for your big move. Don’t worry, your favorite painting will be safe with us. In the meantime, use these packing hacks to help make your move successful.

  • Take a picture of the back of your TV. This will help when you reassemble it and need to know where all those cables go.
  • String electronics through an old paper towel roll. By wrapping electrical cords through a tube, you can keep them from tangling and pack them together efficiently. 
  • Use plastic wrap to keep things from leaking. Unscrew the cap, place plastic wrap or a plastic bag over the opening, and screw the cap back on.
  • Use egg cartons to hold small jewellery to avoid tangles. Pack necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings individually into the egg holders, keeping them separate for easy unpacking.
  • Consider “special-case” items; oil paintings, large TVS, wedding dresses, and other unique items need special care when packing. Try packing these first as they might need extra time to figure out the right way to move them.


Once you have finally made it to your destination, it might feel like you’re all done. Unfortunately, unpacking can be just as hard as packing, especially when your things need to find new spaces to occupy. Luckily, the tips above can help make unpacking much easier. The Moving & Storage Pros can help you move all of your boxes and furniture into your new home to help you unpack with ease.

Start by placing boxes labeled for certain rooms in their places, and unpack room by room. Start with your essentials kit; these are the items you will likely need first and foremost, so put them away first. Next, unpack the kitchen. You will need to eat, so unpacking the kitchen necessities is a good first step. You can return to organize the small bits later. The bedrooms are the next step, as you will likely want to rest after your move; make the beds and put away clothes. The bathroom is a good next step because it is an area that you will need soon as well. You can take your time to unpack the rest of the rooms, and decorate to make the space truly yours.

Ready To Hire Expert Packing Services For Your California Move?

Whether you are planning your moving day out and getting quotes for services or you are two hours into packing and have realized you are in over your head, we are here for you. Hire a team of packing experts in Southern California that can handle your delicate kitchenware, expensive electronics, and seemingly endless amounts of clothing. The Moving & Storage Pros can help make your move as stress-free and fast as humanly possible. We can help you craft the perfect moving plan from what rooms you need help packing, moving, and even unpacking. The Moving & Storage Pros want to see people actually enjoying their move instead of dreading those packing and moving day setbacks. You can rely on The Moving & Storage Pros for all your moving day needs. Call us today at 213-267-5585.

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