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Southern California Packing Services

At Moving & Storage Pros of Southern California, we don’t only move your belongings, but we also offer packing services! Packing is everything when it comes to a stress-free and successful move. However, it can also be the longest part of the moving process. A lot of times, people have called us an hour into packing to ask about our packing services, it’s because no one realizes just how much stuff they actually have! From knick-knacks to dining room sets, it’s all tough to pack. Having a lot of items to move is why we recommend packing services along with your moving day plan. 

No matter where you are in the packing process, we can help you out. Our trained packing professionals know how to wrap up and pack precious artwork, delicate china, or disassemble your couch for a more accessible and less damage-prone move. 

Using a Packing Service Saves You Time

You have probably heard the saying before that time is money, well, for the most part, it’s true. Packing takes the most extended amount of time when it comes to moving, besides actually finding a new place to live. The time you spend packing up all your belongings to move, you could be doing something else that can either be making you money or spending it with your family or friends. 

Suppose you’ve moved before you know just how awful the packing process is. At some point, you just start throwing caution to the wind and putting junk in random boxes. Only to find out later while unpacking that things have broken or gone missing. Impatient is a killer when it comes to packing up for your move.

Packing Supplies For Your Southern California Move

Underestimating packing supplies is almost a right of passage as a first-time mover, but it doesn’t have to be. All too often, we have heard stories about how our clients are rushing to pack their belongings. And the night before their move, they run out of tape, bubble wrap, or boxes. Running out of packing supplies leads to late-night trips to the nearest 24-hour supermarket, leading to a much later night than planned. 

The Moving & Storage Pros’ packing services team comes ready with everything you’ll need to pack up all your belongings for optimum safety and organization. We provide moving boxes of all sizes, bubble wrap, and tape. With the help of our expert team of packers, you’ll be packed up in no time at all—no extra trips to that 24-hour supermarket for you. 

Experts That Know How To Pack For Moving Day

When it comes to expertly packing your belongings, The Moving & Storage Pros know how to pack for the most organized outcome with minimal damage. We have boxes that separate glassware and plates. This type of box will make sure your fragile dishwares are as safe as possible during the moving process. Our team is trained to organize and label boxes that make the most sense for your unpacking needs. If you have a collection of action figures or invaluable art pieces, our team will wrap and pack them as if they were their own irreplaceable items. 

Hiring a team for packing is a great way to ensure your move is hassle-free. When it comes to clothing, we can make sure they are packed using unique ‘closet-style’ boxes or folding up your clothing for you. If you are uncomfortable with the thought of a moving and packing team going through your more delicate belongings, you always have the option to pick and choose rooms for our team to pack up. We’d be more than happy to organize and pack your dining room, living room, office, and kitchen while you take care of your bedrooms. Your comfort and satisfaction is The Moving & Storage Pros’ top priority. We would also like you to know our team consists of a 100% professional team that holds themselves to the highest accountability when it comes to taking care of your moving and packing needs.

Packing Services For Your Southern California Office

The Moving & Storage Pros also offers packing services for office moves. Our team is trained to handle packing essential documents, large filing cabinets, massive printer and copier combo machines, cubicle separators, desks, and even all those small office supplies. 

We can help keep your business moving within your budget and quick with our office packing services. Our team will bring all the supplies you’ll need for your office packing needs.

Packing is the base of your move. If you want everything else to fall into place, your packing must be organized and stress-free. Don’t leave packing up your office for your employees. Your employees are probably not trained to move and packing professionals and office equipment and supplies like computers and printers can cost a pretty penny. Leave moving and packing your office to The Moving & Storage Pros. 

Ready To Hire Expert Packing Services For Your Southern California Move?

Whether you are planning your moving day out and getting quotes for services or you are two hours into packing, and you have realized you are in over your head, we are here for you. Hire a team of packing experts in Southern California that can handle your delicate kitchenware, expensive electronics, and seemingly endless amounts of clothing. The Moving & Storage Pros can help make your move as stress-free and fast as humanly possible. Please give us a call today. We can help you craft the perfect moving plan from what rooms you need help packing, moving, and even unpacking. The Moving & Storage Pros want to see people actually enjoying their move instead of dreading those packing and moving day setbacks. Please rely on The Moving & Storage Pros for all your moving day needs and call us today at 213-267-5585.

All our movers are licensed, insured, and trained to handle your possessions safely throughout your entire move. Energetic and trustworthy California movers We have everything you need to relocate successfully to California.

As your movers, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you’re ready to explore the great outdoors, there are several nearby State Parks and recreation areas, like the Leasburg Dam State Park, just 15 miles north along the Rio Grande.

Choosing our professional California movers is a great way to ease the stress of making the transition to your new home.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation moving quote! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is the stress that comes from moving!

Our California movers are ready to make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible.

Agriculture and commerce also play crucial roles in the local economy. Our movers will always show you respect and will take extra care with all your valuable items.

If you are considering a move to this city, Moving Pro’s is here to help! Our moving company specializes in local, long-distance, and commercial moves to, from, and within California. You can easily reach us via the form on our website or dial 213-267-5585.

You can greatly reduce your moving stress by letting Moving Pro’s take care of the heavy lifting for you.

We are standing by to help you with your Moving Pros

Moving Pros With Moving Pro's

Move supervision by a personal project manager throughout the relocation process.

Disassembly and reassembly of employee workstations and cubicles.

Small Mirrors – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.

Rooted in our mission statement, we are committed to giving back to local communities through disaster relief

Floors – On moving day, we lay down masonite on arrival to protect floors from becoming scraped

Small Sculptures – Wrapped and packed in cardboard picture crate.

Avoid downtime with FlatRate office & commercial moving.

Small Mirrors – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.

Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco or Las Vegas? Our regional fleet can get you there on time and safe.

2 movers

$99.00/ hour

Small Apartment
  • Typical for 1 bedroom or less
  • Packing / Unpacking
  • Assembly / Disassembly
  • Blankets / Wardrobe Boxes
3 movers

$145.00/ hour

Large Apartment
  • Typical for 2 bedroom or ,more
  • Full Packing Service
  • Heavy / Unusual Items
  • Stairs / Shared Elevators
4 movers

$190.00/ hour

  • Typical for 2 bedroom or ,more
  • Full Packing Service
  • Heavy / Unusual Items
  • Stairs / Shared Elevators
We are prepared to make your Moving Pros move as smooth as possible

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We are prepared to make your Moving Pros move as smooth as possible
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