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Renting A Moving Truck? Know These 6 Things

Renting a moving truck is a huge part of the whole moving ordeal. It can be expensive too and that’s why it’s so important to know the facts and have access to the inside tips. We’ve compiled a list of some things we think commonly get overlooked when considering renting a moving truck. Of course, you could always hire The Moving & Storage Pros to complete your move for you. That way you could bypass worrying about all of these things.

  1. Requirements to rent – While rental moving trucks don’t require a commercial driver’s license to operate, they do require that you have a valid driver’s license, be at least 18 years old and have a valid credit or debit card.
  2. Rates are not all inclusive – Fuel, liability insurance, and tolls are all things not typically covered in a moving truck’s base rate. Our advice is to make sure you budget for these costs. The free quotes that are offered to you include things like your needed equipment size, your preferred move date, your pick-up and drop-off locations, and the set number of days and miles for you to use the truck. 
  3. Fuel efficiency – A lack of aerodynamics combined with carrying a lot of weight severely cuts down on fuel-efficiency. Be prepared for frequent fill-ups as moving trucks only get about 10-12 mpg. The fuel tanks of moving trucks are about 30-60 gallons, and with fuel-efficiency at about 10-12 mpg, you can expect to stop for gas every 300-400 miles. This will definitely become noticeable for longer moves when you feel like you’re constantly getting on and off the highway.
  4. Be mindful, other people use them Moving trucks are used by a lot of people. Some of them are only moving down the street and some of them are going long distances to get to their new homes. Be aware, the equipment you’re renting is used. It’s important to perform an inspection of the truck and trailer prior to driving away to keep yourself from being liable for any damage that came with your rental.
  5. Reservations – Reserving a truck does not necessarily guarantee the equipment will be available. With only so many trucks in a company’s inventory, if one isn’t dropped off on time, it might not be available when you need it to be. Most moving truck rental companies will call you the day before to confirm your reservation but if the equipment you need isn’t available, it could throw a wrench into your plans. 
  6. The drive – Make sure your elected moving truck driver is up to the task. Maneuvering a moving truck, especially with a trailer attached, is challenging. It can take some skill and experience to make the trip safely. Moving an empty moving truck is a lot different than moving a full one too.

Let Us Move You
Liability concerns alone are enough to steer people away from renting a moving truck and attempting to move on their own. Add in worrying about reservation details and the challenge of driving an enormous truck and it’s usually better to just phone it in and let experts do it for you. If you’d like to learn more, call The Moving & Storage Pros at 213-267-5585 or visit our contact page.

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