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Residential Moving

So you have decided that it is time to go ahead, pack up, and move. This a big step in your life. You could be moving from an apartment to your home, from your first home to your dream house, or just to a location that you find better. Whatever the reason for your move it is important to you.

It is also going to feel stressful. You need to pack up all your items, get them on to a truck, move it to a new house, unpack, and do so in a reasonable amount of time. How much time is the move going to take? Should you take time off work to make sure you get it done?

These questions are likely racing through your mind and it’s completely understandable why you would feel that way, but there is no need to worry anymore because The Moving And Storage Pros are here for you. 

Our team of expert movers will quickly and efficiently move your items for you. We take extra precautions to make sure that your possessions reach your new home intact and safe. After all, what is the point of hiring movers if everything gets smashed along the way? We don’t want that to happen.

Why hire movers

You might be questioning why it is you need to hire movers in the first place. Maybe you have moved before, helped your friends move, and you have never felt like you had a problem. This mindset works until the actual process of moving begins. 

Moving is difficult. When you aren’t an expert, like our team, every step of the process takes longer than you think it will. Packing the truck takes longer because you have to think about where items should go and in what order. You don’t get your possession into the truck efficiently, because you haven’t moved as much as a team of movers have.

If you value your time then hiring movers like us should be a no brainer, because it is going to go quicker. Not only do they have more experience with moving, but there is more people to help you move. Just because you have hired a moving service doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the move. This is your stuff after all.

Think of it this way. You wouldn’t hire someone to fix something for you with little experience so why move all of your items without professional help? We are here to help you and once you have hired us you will never want to move again without our help.

Our moving services

Our primary service is to help you load up items and get them from point A to point B and then unload them quickly and cleanly. We will make sure your items stay safe and prevent any damage in the move itself. You are trusting us with your prized possessions and we want to make sure that your trust is not misplaced.

While this is what we do primarily there are services we offer alongside just the general moving that will allow your moving process to go along smoothly. 


Have you ever began moving and found out you have too much stuff, or maybe you just need a place to hold on to it until you can figure out where in your home it will go. If this is you then you may want to invest in a storage facility. If you are already moving through Moving and Storage Pros then you can see in our name that we offer storage for you. 

Use our storage to hold on to your holiday items and bring them out for the holidays. Maybe you are downsizing and you just need to find a way to sell them, or maybe you are temporarily living somewhere smaller until you can move into something larger. Whatever the reason you are in need of storage just know that we are here to help.

Heavy Moving

We all know that one item in our house that we dread moving. The couch. An old school tube TV. That one mattress. A piano. They’re heavy and impossible to move without an entire group of your friends and a couple promises to return the favor later.

Why put yourself through all that stress when instead you could hire us to do it for you? Our expert moving team knows all about moving heavy objects. We move it safely, efficiently, and can do it all for you. Don’t throw your back out moving heavy objects when our team can do it for you.

Contact Us

If you are in need of a top notch moving service that can help you move throughout Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego then give the Moving and Storage Pros a call. We will make sure your move is efficient, quick, and clean.

If you want to take advantage of our Residential Moving services then please give us a call at 213-267-5585 or use our online contact page. We can’t wait to help you with this important moment in your life. 

Moving Pro’s has years of experience moving in California, working for all types of clients with our professional Residential Movers.

So what do you have to lose? Contact Moving Pro’s today for a free moving quote and learn how we can help you on your next move. Please contact us today for a free quote and see how Moving Pro’s can simplify your move.

In addition to long-distance and commercial relocation companies services, we also offer a packing service, short- and long-term storage options, and our special concierge service. If you are considering a move to the area, Moving Pro’s is here to help! At Moving Pro’s, we have 15 years of experience as California Residential Movers.

At Moving Pro’s, we are proud to be your California Residential Movers and are here to take the work out of relocating. No matter what reasons you have for moving, you’ll want to check out the services our California movers have to offer.

Other California movers can’t offer the quality of work and customer service that we can.

If you are preparing for your next move, our California movers are here to help. We’re proud to be your California movers of choice.

If you are moving to or from California, our dedicated California movers are ready to handle the heavy lifting.

Our movers must also meet the highest ethical standards and undergo serious training so that you know your belongings are in safe hands.

Our Moving Pro’s Packers are professionally-trained packers who can provide a safe and gentle touch while handling even your most fragile possessions.

We are standing by to help you with your Moving Pros

Moving Pros With Moving Pro's

Move supervision by a personal project manager throughout the relocation process.

Disassembly and reassembly of employee workstations and cubicles.

Small Mirrors – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.

Rooted in our mission statement, we are committed to giving back to local communities through disaster relief

Floors – On moving day, we lay down masonite on arrival to protect floors from becoming scraped

Small Sculptures – Wrapped and packed in cardboard picture crate.

Avoid downtime with FlatRate office & commercial moving.

Small Mirrors – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.

Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco or Las Vegas? Our regional fleet can get you there on time and safe.

2 movers

$99.00/ hour

Small Apartment
  • Typical for 1 bedroom or less
  • Packing / Unpacking
  • Assembly / Disassembly
  • Blankets / Wardrobe Boxes
3 movers

$145.00/ hour

Large Apartment
  • Typical for 2 bedroom or ,more
  • Full Packing Service
  • Heavy / Unusual Items
  • Stairs / Shared Elevators
4 movers

$190.00/ hour

  • Typical for 2 bedroom or ,more
  • Full Packing Service
  • Heavy / Unusual Items
  • Stairs / Shared Elevators
We are prepared to make your Moving Pros move as smooth as possible

Moving Pros Is As Easy As 1-2-3

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Step 1:

Call today for a free Moving Pros Quote

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Step 2:

Approve the Moving Pros Quote and Secure the Date with a Deposit

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Step 3:

Start Packing, We are on Our Way

Our Moving Pros Accolades & Awards

We are prepared to make your Moving Pros move as smooth as possible
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