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Secure Storage

Although there are other California moving and storage options available, Moving & Storage Pros provides the best service around. Offering state-of-the-art, secure storage units is one of the ways we fulfill this promise to you. Make more room for you, make room for someone else, or just add on private storage away from home, if you need a secure storage unit, we’ve got room for you with the Moving & Storage Pros.

Get Your House Back

Is your house starting to feel cluttered but you’re not ready to get rid of your belongings to make room? You don’t have to. The secure storage units available with Moving & Storage Pros make it so you can keep everything you love. Whether you plan to reorganize in order to make room later or you’re just stretched for space, our storage solutions may be just the option you need to hold on to your beloved belongings. 

Hold onto the things that matter. Sometimes we just can’t find the right place to put that special something. Other times storage in the attic or basement runs out and you need a safe place to put things. Your own personal storage unit at our facility is an excellent option.

Make Room for a New Addition to the Family

If you’re expecting a new addition to the family, you may have to clear out a bedroom you have purposed for something else. But where do you put all of those things? You can’t always get rid of them especially if that room was an office or a home gym. Office furniture and exercise equipment aren’t cheap after all. Rest easy knowing Moving & Storage Pros have a solution for you with our secure storage units. 

Make Room for Life’s Transitions

Downsizing, rearranging, remodeling, or making space for a grandparent or a college grad? Then a lot of your things might find themselves without a proper place in your home. Whatever the reason, a secure storage unit can make some of life’s unexpected transitions and moves that much easier for you and your family.


Moving into a smaller space can be advantageous for a variety of reasons. Maybe your old home just required too much work or the kids are all moved out. Either way, having all those extra bedrooms and all that yard space may have just lost its purpose and now it’s just another thing that needs to be cleaned or attended to. 

So you’ve decided to move into a condo or townhouse to take it easy and not have to worry about all the maintenance that’s needed to keep things running smoothly in a house. But what to do with all of the things that no longer have a room for them? Secure storage units provide your things with a home away from home so you don’t have to sell or throw away your possessions just because you’ve moved.


If you’re having your kitchen or bathroom redone you might want to consider getting some things out of the way until the work is done. Workers in and out of your house could mean a lot of dirt being brought in and ruining your favorite couch or could just mean things being in their way while they’re transforming your home. 

Make it easier on everyone involved and put everything in a safe secure storage unit until it’s time to bring it all back out.

Grandparent or College Student

New babies aren’t the only reason someone new might be moving into your house. If you have a college kid that’s in and out with the school semester or a grandparent that shouldn’t be living alone anymore you might be moving people in and out of your house too. Once again you’re making room that wasn’t there and that means repurposing space and putting the things that were there before somewhere else.

Subletting and Airbnbing

Renting out your home can be an excellent way to earn a little extra cash if you’re out of town or own a second home. If you’re interested in converting your space into an Airbnb, you might want to store away some of your prized possessions or favorite furniture to make room for furniture more suitable for having other people staying at your house. A Moving & Storage Pros secure storage unit offers an opportunity for you to rotate decorations if necessary between decorations meant for guest enjoyment and things that are designated only for your use.

Staging for a Sale

The staging process for selling your home is one of carefully considered details. The art of letting potential buyers see themselves in your home. You do this by getting rid of some of the unique touches that made it yours. Staging allows others to see themselves in the space. So where do you put all of your things in the meantime? Hopefully a secure storage unit with the Moving & Storage Pros.

Pro Tips for Secure Storage Units

  1. Label your boxes – Taking inventory of what goes into each box or container prior to storing it away into one of our secure storage units will help you find it later!
  2. Plan your storage space – The way you pack things into your secure storage unit is surprisingly important. Putting the things you need access to most often up front will save you a lot of time down the road when you have to go through your unit and find things again.
  3. Make an appointment – Our commitment to providing safe, secure storage requires scheduling appointments for storage access in order to provide a satisfactory experience for all of our customers. Our on-duty security manager will monitor what comes in and out of storage to effectively document contents preventing the possibility of things being misplaced.

Moving & Storage Pros In California

We’ve got all of your moving and storage needs covered here at Moving & Storage Pros. If you need a little extra storage space for all of your things long-term or temporary, we’ve got a safe secure storage unit just right for you.

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