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The Moving & Storage Pros offer statewide moving into and out of the Los Angeles area. Los Angeles sees an enormous amount of people moving into and out of the area. For comparison, the Los Angeles area itself is more populated than every state in the country with the exception of California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. With that amount of people currently residing in a finite amount of space, reliable moving services are essential to meet demand. Especially considering the influx of people continuing to move to LA, providing services that make the process of relocating easier is the duty of good moving companies. But not all moving companies are the same. The Moving & Storage Pros offer resources not provided by other moving companies, which sets us apart from others and helps us stand out as leaders in the industry.

Unique California Moving Offerings

The Moving & Storage Pros offer secure storage for your things both during the move and afterward. We know moving statewide into the city often means making some concessions in the realm of space. The city just doesn’t provide the kind of room that the suburbs do. So where does that leave you to store all of your things? Our secure storage provides the answer. Let us keep your things safe during the move so you don’t need to worry about things getting lost in transit or stolen. We maintain security on-site for all of our storage units. So you can rest easy knowing your things are in safe hands.

Moving statewide is another feature many moving companies don’t offer. Many of our competitors only provide local moving services. California is a big place with thousands of cities to move to and from. If you’re moving in or out of LA, we’ve got you covered. From moving services to storage services to memorable customer service and moving advice The Moving & Storage Pros will help you move like a professional.

Moving to Southern California

Moving anywhere new is exciting. But don’t let that excitement keep you from doing some much-needed research. Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the country. With a reputation like that alone it’s incredibly important to know a thing or two before moving into the city. Where are the best restaurants, how should you get around, and which neighborhood is the best fit for you are just a few of the many questions you might ask yourself.

  • Relocation to LA skyrockets during the winter months. People from the East Coast and Midwest are more eager than ever to escape the cold of their home state during winter. If you’re a Californian moving statewide to LA, it might be wise to consider the high-demand for moving during these months. Moving during the spring or fall may better suit your plans in the long run.
  • Los Angeles is spread out far more than other metropolitan cities. Walking as a means of getting around is virtually unheard of in the city. Not to mention Los Angeles county consists of 88 cities! If you’re moving statewide to the city consider alternate forms of transportation such as the Metro, the bus, or bicycle. That being said, driving on Los Angeles interstates can be quite intimidating too so it’s important to prepare yourself for the impending driving ahead of you.
  • Different neighborhoods in LA each carry their own cultural identity so researching your prospective neighborhood can keep you from making hasty decisions. Factors such as housing costs, work commute, and lifestyle may inform your choice of which neighborhood is best for you.

Moving Out of Southern California

Moving out of the Los Angeles area is becoming more and more popular. People are flocking to more suburban areas that provide perks such as space, distance from other people, as well as peace and quiet. From retirees to new families, everyone has their own reason for moving. The Moving & Storage Pros are happy to help in guiding your move regardless of your life goals. Into or out of the city, our pros streamline the moving process for all of our customers. Our loading and unloading services combined with our assembly and disassembly services for your furniture can make your upcoming move out of the city even more relaxing. Leave the heavy lifting to us, as we pack up the moving truck and give you the space to handle everything else. Moving doesn’t need to be as much of a hassle as it so often is, and you can avoid worrying about it by hiring us to do the moving for you.

Moving & Storage Pros In California

Moving of any kind is exciting, especially in the beautiful state of California. Whether you’re moving into or out of the Los Angeles area we want you to have the best experience possible. Our moving & storage pros can provide you and your family with the opportunity to take it easy on moving day and focus on what’s ahead. Like the fun stuff, setting things up, getting accustomed to the new neighborhood, and getting settled in. Move like a pro and hire The Moving & Storage Pros.

We’ve got all of your moving and storage needs covered here at The Moving & Storage Pros. Call us today at 213-267-5585 to start planning your statewide move or visit our contact page here. We offer quotes and are ready for any moving questions you may have!

We are standing by to help you with your Moving Pros

Moving Pros With Moving Pro's

Move supervision by a personal project manager throughout the relocation process.

Disassembly and reassembly of employee workstations and cubicles.

Small Mirrors – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.

Rooted in our mission statement, we are committed to giving back to local communities through disaster relief

Floors – On moving day, we lay down masonite on arrival to protect floors from becoming scraped

Small Sculptures – Wrapped and packed in cardboard picture crate.

Avoid downtime with FlatRate office & commercial moving.

Small Mirrors – Wrapped and packed in cardboard box.

Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco or Las Vegas? Our regional fleet can get you there on time and safe.

2 movers

$99.00/ hour

Small Apartment
  • Typical for 1 bedroom or less
  • Packing / Unpacking
  • Assembly / Disassembly
  • Blankets / Wardrobe Boxes
3 movers

$145.00/ hour

Large Apartment
  • Typical for 2 bedroom or ,more
  • Full Packing Service
  • Heavy / Unusual Items
  • Stairs / Shared Elevators
4 movers

$190.00/ hour

  • Typical for 2 bedroom or ,more
  • Full Packing Service
  • Heavy / Unusual Items
  • Stairs / Shared Elevators
We are prepared to make your Moving Pros move as smooth as possible

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We are prepared to make your Moving Pros move as smooth as possible
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