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If you are looking to store your belongings for either a brief or extended period, you are reasonably researching what alternatives you have and their expenses. It is vital to know what you are storing to understand what you should be looking for and overall to give you an idea of what you’ll more than likely be spending. Here are some critical questions to ask yourself before continuing your storage unit research: 

  • How long am I planning on keeping your belongings in storage? 
  • What am I planning to keep in Storage? It’s best to write out an inventory list for this.
  • Are any of the belongings precious family heirlooms or antiques?

Once you’ve answered the questions listed above, you can now accurately decide on what type of storage you’ll need.

What is a Temperature-controlled storage unit?

To decide if you need a temperature-controlled storage unit, you’ll need first to learn what it is. A temperature-controlled storage facility monitors the temperature of the units to ensure each storage unit is at the precise temperature. Storage units without this feature can get up to 30 degrees above what the outside temperature is. If belongings are kept at a high temperature, or constant varying temperatures, belongings can end up getting damaged.

There are quite a few benefits to storing your items in a temperature-controlled storage unit such as: 

  • High-Quality Air
  • No Temperature Fluctuation
  • Lower Humidity Than Traditional Storage Units 

Air Quality

When it comes to keeping your belongings looking and working like new air quality plays a significant role. If you are storing any electronics or valuable documents, air quality should be the main priority. Because temperature-controlled units are sealed for temperature regulation, and they have consistent air circulation, this creates an excellent environment for these items in particular. 

Stops Extreme Temperature Variation

When it comes to the benefits of the temperature-controlled unit, it is a little evident that temperature will be one of them. These units are typically set at a temperature that is below 90-degrees and above 32-degrees. If your personal and valuable belongings are being exposed to freezing or extreme heat, they can become damaged quickly or over time. Items that do not have a high or low-temperature tolerance are advised to be kept in temperature-controlled storage units.

Common items that need temperature-controlled storage

If you are not sure what items unquestionably need to be kept in a temperature-controlled storage unit, we have a list of common things that need extra temperature protection when it comes to storage demands.


Storing your collectibles in a temperature-controlled storage unit can keep them safe from destruction. Most common collectibles are cards, figurines, electronics, vinyl records, jewelry, dolls, and much more.

Electronics & Media

Electronic and media products consist of TVs, tapes, CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray discs, computers, monitors, media players, game consoles, and even arcade machines. These need a temperature-controlled environment to work properly and avoid damage from extreme temperatures.


There is a long list of furniture items that must be stored at the proper temperature, or they will take on irreparable damage. Furniture that is made of wood or leather should always be kept in a temperature-controlled unit. 


Fluctuating temperature and a high-humidity environment can be a musical instrument’s worst nightmare. These types of situations can cause excessive warping and rust.

Leather or high-quality clothing

Humidity and fluctuating temperatures can cause damage to any leather, including leather clothing. It is recommended that you select a temperature-controlled unit when storing clothing to prevent musty odors and dust.

Documents & Photographs

Humidity can mean destruction for important documents and photographs, which is why it is encouraged to always store your precious photos and papers in a unit with temperature control.

Artwork & Antiques

Priceless art and antiques need the most protection possible when being stored in a storage, and a traditional storage unit will not do. Always keep your artwork and antiques in a temperature-controlled environment with minimal humidity.


Although mattresses can be kept in a traditional unit, we advise that damage can be made from humidity and poor airflow. If you want to keep your mattress fresh and new, be sure to spring for a temperature-controlled storage unit.

Do You Need A Temperature-Controlled Unit in Southern California?

In Southern California, the weather can get in the 100s during the summer, which can mean rough times for belongings in storage units that aren’t temperature controlled. Summer days can be scorching and humid, and winter can have storage units getting to temperatures below freezing.

If you are moving from another state or even part of California, it is crucial to get the proper storage unit that will keep your belongings safe. It is recommended that if you do have items you care about keeping in the best condition, you go for temperature-controlled units. 

Moving & Storage Pros Temperature-Controlled Storage in Southern California

If you are looking for a temperature-controlled storage unity in Southern California, The Moving & Storage Pros has a top of the line facility. We are a 2,200 sq ft warehouse located in Los Angeles. We offer full-service pick up and deliver for your storage items. Our facility has a full-time on-duty manager that monitors what comes in and what is taken out. Units can only be accessed by appointment. Are you looking for extra security for artwork or electronics? The Moving & Storage Pros can custom build crates to keep your belongings clean and safe from damage. Our secured vaults are 5x5x7, and all of our units are temperature-controlled. Call the Moving & Storage Pros for your storage needs at 213-267-558 or visit our contact page.

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