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If you are looking to rent or buy a townhouse in Southern California, there are quite a few advantages that a townhouse has compared to an apartment or standard house. If you are looking to upgrade from your apartment or condo or downsize from your home, a townhouse could be your perfect fit. 

Most people think that a townhome is just a bigger apartment or condo, but this just isn’t true! You can actually own the bit of land your townhouse is on and compare it to a condo where you only own the unit and no land. 

Here are some significant advantages of choosing to live in a townhouse: 

  1. You get amenities. Just like an apartment or condo, a townhouse usually comes with amenities. The amenities typically include a gym, pool, and sometimes a playground. 
  2. Townhouses can save you money. Whether you are looking to rent or buy townhouses can be cheaper than a standard single-family home. Townhouses usually have smaller lawns, which means less money on lawn care. Townhouses can also offer just as many rooms as a conventional home. 
  3. HOA fees that go towards insurance and maintenance. Some people see HOAs as a bad association, but when your payments go towards maintaining the community amenities, home insurance, and trash pick up, HOAs aren’t all that bad. 

Deciding whether to live in a standard house, apartment, condo, or townhome is a big decision. There are plenty more advantages of living in a townhouse in Southern California, but you need to see what’s right for you through research and guidance. 

If you do decide townhouse living is right for you, you’ll want to figure out just how to move into your new dream home.

Moving into a townhouse can be different than walking into a standard single-family home or apartment. It can actually turn out to be more difficult than one expects. Some questions to ask yourself before planning your move: 

  • Are there any stairs? If so, how many flights of stairs are there to carry your belongings up and down? 
  • Where can you park the moving van while you load up your belongings, and where can you park to unload into your new townhouse? (You don’t want to end unexpected up with a parking ticket!)
  • What size moving truck do you need to move your belongings and furniture safely without any damage?
  • Will there be people to help you on moving day?

When you ask yourself these questions, be sure to do your research and figure out a moving day plan. 

At The Moving & Storage Pros of Southern California, we can help you with your townhouse move. From planning to packing to moving, and even storage we have you covered. Let us build a comprehensive townhouse moving day plan for you. 

A Team of Reliable and Professional Movers

You may think your friends will be there on moving day, but more than likely, they are going to end up making an excuse and leave you, and possibly one other person packing and moving everything you own. At The Moving & Storage Pros, we have a team of experts that can assess what can be taken apart to move downstairs, or they will be able to move it all together with no troubles. Townhouse moving can be tricky if you run into tight stairways, our professional moving team can make sure everyone and everything is placed in your home safely. Don’t put your friends through the grueling task of moving, get a reliable and professional team with The Moving & Storage Pros. 

Expert Packaging Services

Your moving team has had years of experience loading and unloading moving trucks. They know precisely how to pack up the moving van to limit accidental damage or breakage of property. We can even pack items for you, making sure delicate objects are bubble wrapped and packed safely. Our promise to you is professional care for your moving day needs. We make sure every box is organized and labeled for ease of unpacking into your new townhouse. If you feel a bit uncomfortable about movers packing up your rooms, we can pack up whatever places that you need help with and feel comfortable handing off to us. Packing up your kitchen or living room can be two of the hardest places to pack. If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need to pack for moving day, give us a call at The Moving & Storage Pros. We can put together a plan for your packing up your belongings.

Ready For A Stress-Free Move

Moving can be an exciting time, but it also can provide to be stressful and overwhelming. The Moving & Storage Pros can take on the stress for you, and you can enjoy your exciting and life-changing move into your new townhouse! Give us a call today and let us know your moving day concerns. The Moving & Storage Pros will put together a comprehensive plan from start to finish! 

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